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Different materials require different care. 

Care instructions are provided with each product listing. If you have any questions on how to best care for your item and extend the life of it, please contact us for advice.

Please see these instructions and the chart as a guideline for finding your perfect ring size. We use standard US ring sizes.  


14.1 3

14.9 4

15.7 5

16.5 6

17.7 7

18.1 8

19.0 9


20.6 11

21.4 12

22.2 13

A simple way to measure your ring finger size is as follows:

-Cut a slim piece of paper and wrap it around your chosen finger. A string/yarn can also be used. Please keep in mind it should be at least inches in length in order to wrap around your finger.

-Mark the point where the paper meets with a pen.

-Measure the paper on the mm size of a ruler.

-This will serve as an approximation for your ring size.

-Please leave room for your finger to comfortably move. 

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