Stella Collection

The Stella Collection blends glass beads from all over the world to make a truly global statement.  

// The Nepali Chevron Necklace is the longest in this collection and presents contemporary beads from Nepal that are inspired by Chevron beads that are much older and highly sought after as collectible as African Trade Beads.  

// An example of one of these more rare Chevrons can be found as a single bead strung on navy blue leather cord.  The earliest Chevron beads were made by layering Murano glass in a way that creates a rosetta, or star pattern.  The earliest of these classic beads date to the late 15th century.  

// Navy blue leather cord is also used as a stringing material for the "Russian Blues" presented in this collection with antique artisan brass on each end.  "Russian Blues" are glass beads thus named after their appearance as part of the Russian fur trade of the Pacific Northwest in the America’s during the early 1800’s. Created for the purpose of export these beads were circulated by traders and found their way throughout Africa and the Americas. Authentic Russian Blue beads such as these can still be found in various shapes, sizes and shades.  The necklace in this set is also 1 of a kind.  

// The Fused Glass Rounds in the second to shortest necklace in this set are made using a very old traditional method for creating powder glass beads from recycled materials. The artisan procedure involves pouring powdered glass into clay molds and baking them in an oven. 

// The choker length necklace in this set uses antique bright red seed beads and contemporary brass tubes sourced in Istanbul.